Our company

Van Tilburg Nurseries is a family company with their hearts in the trade. Growing ornamental shrubs has been in their blood for over 40 years.
A wide range of ornamental shrubs is grown in the soil as well as in containers. Van Tilburg Nurseries delivers exclusively to garden centres and the wholesale trade both at home and abroad.

“Personal contact with the client is important to us! We also have a stand at the spring and autumn show of Groen Direkt and Groot Groen. You’re also heartily welcome to visit our company. There’s always a cup of coffee available!”

Van Tilburg Nurseries deliver their shrubs on arrangement and in a client-friendly manner. Our professional team works efficiently with quality high on our list of priorities, with the aim of expediting your order in a speedy and proper manner. Your order can also, of course, be picked up. With our years of experience and knowledge of the trade, we also ensure optimum transport.

Van Tilburg Nurseries has a total surface area of three hectares, divided into full soil, container culture, and greenhouses. In Moordrecht a wide variety of ornamental shrubs is grown such as various types of Ornamental Cherry, Judas Tree, Norway Maple, Lilac, Liquid Amber Tree and Climbing Hydrangea. The shrubs are delivered each with their own exclusive photo-label with information for the consumer in four languages on the reverse-side on the treatment and care of the plants.

Cultivation is an exacting and painstaking process. It begins with taking cuttings and grafts of the plants. This is carried out by us on the nursery, together with our team of motivated staff. The plants are then planted out by hand in the full soil for a number of years, or potted into containers straightaway. With the correct care and attention, the plants develop into beautiful and well-branched shrubs. If necessary the plants are potted up from the full soil for a growth-season so that we can deliver the whole year round. A number of different types of ornamental shrub are grafted as standards (60 cm, 80 cm, 120 cm) such as Cotoneaster, Laburnum, Prunus, Salix, Syringa and Viburnum. At Van Tilburg Nurseries quality is our priority. The level of quality control of the shrubs is therefore also high.